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Enjoy peace of mind of the extreme kind is a turnkey solution for property owners here all they need to do is take out a few minutes and list their property on the website, and that’s it, everything else is taken care of by itself.

If you decide to list your property with us, you do not have to:

  • Worry about trying to find an ideal client

    The platform provides you with an ideal solution for showing off your property to potential customers who may be interested in getting to lodge in your area.

    This means you do not have to worry about finding an ideal client for choosing your place as their accommodation. All you need to do is make sure that your property is properly listed with us and visible to potential customers.

  • Show your property to every individual visitor

    Showing off property to every apparently interested customer who you are not sure may decide to book with you is a huge headache. We help you get rid of this headache by empowering you to just take some nice pictures of your property and show them off on our website.

    This means every mildly interested customer can go through the pictures on our website and decide for themselves if they like your property. You will never have to show off your property in person if you have enough high-quality pictures shown off already.

  • Go into the trouble of verbally communicating each term and condition

    Lending your property out for a temporary residence is a risky endeavor. You are worried about your property getting damaged or misused. This is why you decide to set certain terms and conditions to which the customer has to agree before you let them use your facility.

    But narrating your Terms and Condition to every new customer can be a huge nuisance. Using our platform, you can create general terms and conditions and make them visible to potential customers who approach you so that they can clearly see what they are getting into, without requiring you to narrate the obvious to them.

  • Indulge into negotiations for price

    Our platform allows you complete transparency in presenting your pricing options beforehand so that there is no confusion and no room for pointless negotiations that end up wasting time for both the tenants and the lodger.

    Through our platform, all the pricing information is already available which makes things completely clear for customers about the kind of price they have to pay to lodge your property.

Benefits of listing your property on

Our platform is a state-of-the-art digital solution that makes the property lending procedure a lot easier than the traditional methods. Following are some of the prominent benefits of listing your property on

  • Brings you, customers, with minimal effort without requiring you to spend any additional resources.
  • Works as an automated system where customers can find you directly over the internet.
  • Empowers you to showcase your property to hundreds of customers' digital images without needing any manpower to show around the property to customers.
  • Provides you an additional source of customer acquisition.
  • Removes any nuisances of price negotiations and lengthy debates and attracts only the right customers who are willing to pay you your property’s worth.
  • Offers the best return on investment (ROI) with almost no capital expenditure but huge profits.
  • Serves as an ambassador of your property even in your absence.
  • Promotes smooth and easy communication with customers most of the information already delivered through the platform itself.
  • The booking method is thoroughly automated and offers ultimate customer satisfaction and only requires you to answer minimal queries specific to your property, hence freeing you of any unwanted queries regarding the booking process and pricing policies.
  • Helps develop a consistent relationship with new customers visiting your city from around the world hence providing opportunities for maximizing your revenues.