Terms & Conditions


Please read the following Terms and Conditions completely and clearly to understand yours and

our duties, rights, roles, and responsibilities.

1. The terms “BOOOKER”, BOOOKER.COM”, “We”, and “Our” represent our company. The terms “you”, “your” or “lodger” refers to the user of the services offered by Boookers.com through any of its current channels, telephone, and/or website, and/or mobile application (the & not Platform(s) & quote and/or the &quot Site quot;), or future channels.

2. Boookers.com is an online platform that provides a technological solution for lenders and lodgers through which a huge number of property owners may offer and sell their facilities to users and, users, in turn, may search for accommodations, compare them and then book a suitable accommodation in real-time, and purchasing them, thus creating and managing their own trip in accordance with their personal needs.

3. Bookers.com is not the actual provider of accommodation services. In fact, the platform acts on behalf of the property owners. Therefore, it is not bound to provide accommodation services, either directly, or indirectly. Upon finding accommodation services through Boookers.com, you are entering into a contract with the provider who offers the accommodation services in our platform, directly. Bookers.com acts as an intermediary between you and service providers, on behalf of the property owners.

4. Upon hiring service providers through Boookers.com, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to our terms and conditions. Likewise, you guarantee that:

(i) You are of legal age.

(ii) You have full legal capacity to enter into agreements.

(iii) You only use Boooker.com platform to book or hire lodging Services for you and/or

another person whom you are authorized to represent.


5. These are our general terms and conditions, and they apply to the intermediary service

provided by Boookers.com. There will be no circumstances in which the legal liabilities set

by these terms is modified or replaced.

6. Before deciding to hire the service of any property owner, you accept these terms and

conditions along with the specific conditions of each property owner. You will only decide to

go forward with an agreement once both the parties have agreed to abide by the Terms and


7. Boookers.com cannot not be held liable expected to intervene in the determination of any

specific conditions set forth by each property provider.


8. Boookers.com is not responsible for any damage to your property before, during or after your

stay at a residence booked through our platform. We are a mere intermediator of connecting

the buyers and the sellers and we have enabled them to decide their sovereign terms to be

agreed upon between themselves freeing us of any liability or responsibility of the activities

performed within the facility.

9. Boookers.com will not be responsible for any modifications in pricing policy of tenant after

the order has been placed. The pricing of the properties is handled by the property owners

themselves and Boookers.com does not dictate the authority over them to force change their


10. The security of tangible and intangible goods of the lodgers is their responsibility.

Boookers.com cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience in case of any

consequences regarding to the misplacement or damage of tangible or intangible goods,

11. Before you confirm the purchase order by clicking on the Purchase button, and before you

accept these general conditions, we suggest that you go through the specific terms and

conditions (if any) set by the property owner in order to have the smoothest transaction

possible. This way, you can avoid unexpected situations and enjoy your stay in maximum

delight without any uncalled-for issues.

12. Each property owner without the influence of Boookers.com is entitled to set the specific

rules and regulations to be followed in his/her facility. Boookers.com specifically declares

that it does not hold the responsibility of any property misconduct or illegal activity taken

place within the facility.